Fur-ever Home Program

Our number one priority is finding our puppies their fur-ever, happy homes. With this, we promise a lifetime of support and commitment to these puppies. When a puppy goes to its new home, it is with the intention that it will be there for a lifetime. However, circumstances sometimes arise and their forever family needs to find their puppy a new home. To ensure we don't contribute to pet overpopulation, we created the re-homing program so our puppies never get surrendered to an animal shelter. When purchasing a puppy, we make sure its new owners understand and agree that if they cannot keep their puppy/dog, they are to contact us so we can find them a new home.

Breeders and shelters/rescues offer for you to return/surrender your puppy back to them if the animal doesn’t work out. However, you typically don’t receive a refund and some shelters/rescues charge a fee to take the animal back in. Puppyland doesn’t have the option for you to bring back the puppy to the store as it poses a health risk to our other puppies, but we ask you to keep the puppy while we help you find it’s next home. This allows you to work with the new owner and discuss a rehoming fee. 

At our discretion if there is an emergency and the puppy cannot be kept in your house you can surrender the puppy to us and we will hold it at one of our foster houses until we can find the puppy their new home. Unfortunately you don’t recieve a re-homing fee with this option. 

Puppyland does not charge for this service and we do not take any of the rehoming fee. We do not benefit from this service in any way, but we believe it’s important that we support and commit to these puppies for their lifetime. 

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